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Monday, October 01, 2007

Well ...

Well it has well and truly gone to hell in a handbasket...

This may be our last post for awhile as things have come crazy unglued around here. Needless to say, we're OK, P is OK but we need to keep our lives under wraps and basically keep to ourselves for the time being. Don't worry, we'll come visit you!

For all our reg visitors, please feel free to email for updates and the like, I'll be happy to tell you there.

Once we get settled in our new home, I'll let you know.

Presleigh & Mom.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

This week...

This week has been very busy and exciting at my house.

My mom and dad had a very very very long talk on Sunday and they decided that Mom and I would go to visit Daddy in his new house far away on the plane.
We left very early Monday morning at got to Daddy's at 8 in the morning!
I played shy with him for a little bit and then by dinner time, I was very happy with him.
He was making pizza for me for dinner and we watched it cook in the oven door and then when I was tired, I put my arms up for him to pick me up. We napped together earlier in the day but I didn't even really know it.

On Tuesday, Mommy went to have a shower and then while she was gone, Daddy went to start the BBQ and I was very upset about it. Then he wouldn't let me walk outside in my barefeet in the rain.

On Wednesday he had to go to work and I looked for him all morning while Mommy was packing for us to leave that afternoon.

We might be going back next Wednesday for a couple of days and then fly back with him to Calgary on Friday for my cousin's birthday. If not, I will see him on Friday night.

Mom's note: This was a good visit. Lots of resolution, lots of talking... was good.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Updates updates from mom.

I am so sorry that we have not updated in the past month...its been a whirlwind.

I am back to work since the beginning of June and then we were on holidays in Ontario for 12 days and all the stuff with my accident...

I am arguing with my insurance company because the other guys insurance company is taking their sweet assed time about responding to the demand letter from my adjuster. Suffice it to say, 6 weeks later, my car is in the body shop today for repairs and we still have no reply from them.

I have been going to physio every week and I have purchased a TENS machine to help while at home and can't get to physio with the lack of child care.

Presleigh was due to start daycare on Aug 1, but due to a miscommunication, she doesn't start til Sept 1.

Work has been NUTS. Listen, if you're flying with any airline that overbooks their flights (unlike us), confirm your flights, be early/on time to the gate etc.. but don't call and sit on hold with us and wait 15 minutes just to confirm your flights when you known damn well you're booked. I'm sorry that you've had horrible experiences with Scare Canada, AA, Delta etc.. but I solemnly promise, we're not them... get OFF my phone.

Our holidays were chaotic. It poured rain every day we were away while home was in a heat wave (and still is).

I've discovered that P doesn't do well with change. The entire vacation took everything out of her. Everywhere we went was not child proof in any fashion and we said alot "No" "Don't touch" and lots of tears. By the third day of 13 ppl in a 4 room cabin, she was banging her head against the wall and finding ways to deliberately hurt herself. So overwhelmed. Bad mommy.

So we left the crazy cottage a few days early to go to my sisters, which proved to be no less overwhelming when Aunt DeeDee is singing Wizard of Oz at the top of her lungs directly below a sleeping P. And then getting lectured by my sister about her needing to eat more than Cheerios. If I can get her to eat more than Cheerios, I'd GLADLY give her more than cheerios, but I am also not going to open an entire can of soup for her to have 1 tablespoon, so give me a break.

The positive was to get to see my bestest friend, J, that I have been friends with since I was 6. We got a quick drive by lunch with her and her boys on the way back to the airport and dropping off the rental car.

It was not relaxing, it was not fun and I won't repeat it. We start flying to the Dominican, Jamaica and Mexico as regularly scheduled service this winter... I have the 2nd-9th of December off... I think _I_ am going away all by myself... maybe even Hawaii... I don't care.. just away.

And with all this said, I have absolutely no pictures to show for this. I will dress P in her bathing suit and lifejacket and take one to will be quasi authentic. I do however have to get a data kit for my cell phone... I have the most hilarious video from tonight on it.. Buck nekkid, Miss P dancing to some guy singing on America's Got Talent. It was priceless.

Oh speaking of the nekkid bit... she has started to take her diaper off more frequently so we have started to try the potty training bit. Challenge when the bathroom is upstairs, but if I keep the potty down here, she tries to wear it as a hat... no, Im not kidding.
So, one day at a time on that.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


We're going on vacation to Ontario with Mom's friends to a lake and a cottage. Mom will post pics when she gets back.

See you all in 2 weeks!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Grrrrrr - bad language alert *laugh*

Yesterday (Saturday), I was on my way to The Store That Shall Not Be Named in an effort to get another car seat for Miss P because all my efforts to find a used one at a reasonable price have failed and I needed it far sooner than yesterday. I was coming up C rowchild Tr and exited off at N orth land Dr to go into N orthland mall and I was at a full stop at the yield going to the right, when *BLAM* my head went flying forward and smashed into the steering wheel and *BLAM* my head slammed back into the headrest, which I felt give. Somehow I had the presence of mind to stop the moving car which was thrown forward into traffic and put the car into park and throw on my hazard lights... how or when I don't know, as I don't remember doing it.

My driver's window was open and the driver of the other car came to see if I was alright. I said no. He asked if I had been in an accident before and I said years and years ago. He then asked me where I had been going. I'm still not sure if he was making small talk or if he was trying to get me to say something to get him off the hook. I just said I was going to The Store That Shall Not Be Named. He then disappeared for a second and my gut reaction was to call my mom. In hysterics I called her and asked her to come to the scene, which wasn't far from her house. She asked if I had called the police, and I said no, but I hit my head badly. She urged me to call 911 and then I hung up and called them. The guy wanted into my passenger door to talk to me. My purse and everything were on the seat beside me so then this wave of panic that he was going to rob me went thru my head. Gathering my stuff and putting it on the floor on my side, I let him in. He wanted me to move the cars into the parking lot. So I managed to do that, and I vaguely remember doing it.
I called 911 as we were driving into the lot and told them where I was and they urged me not to get out of the car, as much as I wanted to, I couldn't breath, my head was throbbing.
I got 2 ambulances, 3 fire trucks and 2 police cruisers.

They checked me over at the scene and released me, urging me to get looked at by a doctor for the whiplash I will surely have.

On a funny note, I have a bumper sticker/magnet that says "If you're gonna ride my ass, at least pull my hair." and the firemen were laughing at it, and when the paramedics were helping me out of the car, I saw two of them pointing and laughing at I said "I guess he was trying to pull my hair." Which made them laugh.

He was charged with at least two offenses, don't know what, but I saw them writing tickets.
He totalled his buddy's car so I guess he won't be driving his buddy's car anytime soon.
I went to the doctors after I had cleared my head by going to The Store That Shall Not Be Named with my mom and Greg and got the stupid car seat and he prescribed me some muscle relaxants, pain killers, a collar, physiotherapy and massage therapy.
I can't lift Miss P, I can't do up my own bra and I can't shoulder check at all so my driving has been severely hampered.

If this fucks up my holidays in Ontario, I'm going to hunt someone down and hurt them... badly.
I go back to the doctor Monday. I have insurance adjusters coming tomorrow from my insurance co, I have to get an x ray done, I have the owner's insurance adjusters either Tues or Wed, and I need to get some work done on a shop that is due before I leave. In between all that, I have to work my reg job and try and heal and get some physio and a massage or two before Friday.

I must say, I will from now only ever buy Saturn. My car has such minimal cosmetic damage that unless I pointed it out to you, you'd never know it happened. The wheels need an alignment, and various other things need to be checked, but in all honesty, my body took the brunt of the impact, not the car. The car he was driving, a 91 N issan N s x is a write off... the car is worth less than a grand and there is at least 5 grand in least that.

I hate you right now, dude. I know who you are and where to find you and if I had the strength right now, I'd bitch slap you.

Small blessings too, none of my girls were with me.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Well, mom has officially gone back to work...I won't sleep at Nanna's, and now I'm sick with an ear infection.

Mom is having trouble with the whole going back to work thing... but we're getting there.

I go for a walk every day with Nanna and the puppies. They go to an off leash area and run like the wind and then I screech and clap my hands and they come running back.

Mommy's birthday is on Monday and we have three parties in 3 days! One for a friend moving away, one for Father's Day and one for Mommy's birthday. Mommy is going to see Mamma Mia with Nanna on Tuesday.

We go on vacation in 2 weeks. Mommy thinks its funny to go back to work for a month and then go on 2 weeks vacation. We're going to Ontario to Auntie Lori's cottage on a lake.
We can't wait!

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Sorry for the lack of updates.. its been rather crazy.

The blog will probably be slow on updates even more now as I go back to work after 18 months starting on Monday.

Its been very wonderful to have been home...but.. all good things must come to an end.

I'm looking forward to speaking adult but I cried today with Miss P... she has no concept that this is all going to change in a couple of days... but I hope it goes well.

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