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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Updates updates from mom.

I am so sorry that we have not updated in the past month...its been a whirlwind.

I am back to work since the beginning of June and then we were on holidays in Ontario for 12 days and all the stuff with my accident...

I am arguing with my insurance company because the other guys insurance company is taking their sweet assed time about responding to the demand letter from my adjuster. Suffice it to say, 6 weeks later, my car is in the body shop today for repairs and we still have no reply from them.

I have been going to physio every week and I have purchased a TENS machine to help while at home and can't get to physio with the lack of child care.

Presleigh was due to start daycare on Aug 1, but due to a miscommunication, she doesn't start til Sept 1.

Work has been NUTS. Listen, if you're flying with any airline that overbooks their flights (unlike us), confirm your flights, be early/on time to the gate etc.. but don't call and sit on hold with us and wait 15 minutes just to confirm your flights when you known damn well you're booked. I'm sorry that you've had horrible experiences with Scare Canada, AA, Delta etc.. but I solemnly promise, we're not them... get OFF my phone.

Our holidays were chaotic. It poured rain every day we were away while home was in a heat wave (and still is).

I've discovered that P doesn't do well with change. The entire vacation took everything out of her. Everywhere we went was not child proof in any fashion and we said alot "No" "Don't touch" and lots of tears. By the third day of 13 ppl in a 4 room cabin, she was banging her head against the wall and finding ways to deliberately hurt herself. So overwhelmed. Bad mommy.

So we left the crazy cottage a few days early to go to my sisters, which proved to be no less overwhelming when Aunt DeeDee is singing Wizard of Oz at the top of her lungs directly below a sleeping P. And then getting lectured by my sister about her needing to eat more than Cheerios. If I can get her to eat more than Cheerios, I'd GLADLY give her more than cheerios, but I am also not going to open an entire can of soup for her to have 1 tablespoon, so give me a break.

The positive was to get to see my bestest friend, J, that I have been friends with since I was 6. We got a quick drive by lunch with her and her boys on the way back to the airport and dropping off the rental car.

It was not relaxing, it was not fun and I won't repeat it. We start flying to the Dominican, Jamaica and Mexico as regularly scheduled service this winter... I have the 2nd-9th of December off... I think _I_ am going away all by myself... maybe even Hawaii... I don't care.. just away.

And with all this said, I have absolutely no pictures to show for this. I will dress P in her bathing suit and lifejacket and take one to will be quasi authentic. I do however have to get a data kit for my cell phone... I have the most hilarious video from tonight on it.. Buck nekkid, Miss P dancing to some guy singing on America's Got Talent. It was priceless.

Oh speaking of the nekkid bit... she has started to take her diaper off more frequently so we have started to try the potty training bit. Challenge when the bathroom is upstairs, but if I keep the potty down here, she tries to wear it as a hat... no, Im not kidding.
So, one day at a time on that.


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