Princess Presleigh

31 and 3... sounds like a football game, but its when I arrived in this world.

Friday, March 31, 2006


Its been a crazy busy month since I've been home. I decided to scare mom and sleep through the night a couple of times. On March 21 I had another eye exam with Dr S and she scratched my cornea. We spent the night at Children's as my eye was swollen shut and oozing. We left the house at 10pm and got home at 620 am and then had to be back at Children's for 9am for an RSV needle. On March 23 I was due to have an MRI and had to fast all night as I was going to have anestetic but the anestesiologist refused to put me under due to my gestational age. Mom demanded a head U/S but they refused so we went to my pediatrician, Dr M who sent in a requisition for it. I have an MRI scheduled for July 11 now. I am up to 6.4 lbs too!

MRI visit that didn't happen...check out the moose slippers!

Friday, March 03, 2006

March 3

Discharge orders in, and going home! Whooohoooooooooooo.

In the car seat... good to go.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

March 2

Up to 1985 grams. I passed my car seat test with flying colours. I desat a little with feeds but I'm doing well with the bottle. Mom is rooming in tonight and I'm going home tomorrow!
I had an eye exam today and there is no indication of ROP. I have to go see the doctor in a couple of weeks for a followup checkup. And I got an RSV needle, Syrngis. Mom had a hard time with night feeds because alarms kept going off while feeding and was fustrated since I won't beep at home.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March 1

1 month today! Up to 1980 grams too! I'm getting an iron supplement in a small bottle now as I missed the third trimester which is when I would have stored up minerals and vitamins. I'm off the O2 too! I'm going to have my car seat test tomorrow too. Looks like we're going home as early as mid next week! Mom has been rushing to finish my room.

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