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31 and 3... sounds like a football game, but its when I arrived in this world.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


My MRI results came in yesterday - the spot is gone. Mom has been doing the snoopy dance.
I weigh 7.3 kgs now (just over 16 lbs) and am just over 24 inches long.
Nanna is going to burn off all the pictures she has taken of me and give them to mom so there will be new pictures soon.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


I went camping this weekend and I was freeeeeeeeeezing. Mom had me dressed really warmly but I kicked off the covers and woke up frozen in the middle of the night and she tucked me into bed with her. It was gorgeous weekend and we were all very busy playing and having tonnes of fresh air. I have been sleeping like a log when I fall asleep. Because it was so cold, we cut our camping trip short and came back to Calgary.
Mom forgot her camera but there wasn't really anything photoworthy, other than the HUGE 10 man 4 room tent that resembled the Taj Mahal. Although Mom would like a micowave, as warming a bottle for me on a Coleman stove isn't very quick and not the easiest when you're half asleep.

I tasted ketchup and mustard and really liked both. Mom was worried that it might give me a sore bum, so she said if it did, they had to change my butt. :-) I'm teething.. alot. And drooling...ALOT. Mom figures that I am getting 4 at once.. that might not be very comfortable, but I'm pretty happy.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Today I did great since being under anestetic... however, I'm going to let my mom post today.

I've been reading some blogs about preemies and micro preemies... what started out yesterday as some research to get some further in depth information about what milestones we should be reaching when etc, I stumbled across Halle Grace's blog (see link on side)...which then lead to Kaitlyn and so on and so on...Please go read about Kaitlyn and Corinne.. I've not cried so much since I rode the roller coaster they're on. Since this blog was only recently created and all of the notes are created from my point form notations in my notebook rather than daily blog entries, my emotions are so limited in them that its hard to get the total picture of the ride.
I feel badly for feeling that I am so absolutely grateful that we have not experienced some of the more traumatic things that these moms and daughters have had to go through and that we are amongst the top few percentile to have limited troubles, I can't help but weep for them and with them. My prayers are with them all and I know that there are angels watching out for them.

July so far...

I went to my first Stampede and first fireworks on Canada Day. I just slept through most of it.

I had my MRI yesterday. The anestetic was harder on mom than me. I cried alot when I came out because I was hungry but I did just fine. The results should be available next week and I see Dr M next Tuesday to get the results.

I started giggling last week and my smiles are bigger and bigger every day.

Mom likes the hat... I'm not quite sure.

Stampede! Yahoo!

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