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Sunday, August 26, 2007

This week...

This week has been very busy and exciting at my house.

My mom and dad had a very very very long talk on Sunday and they decided that Mom and I would go to visit Daddy in his new house far away on the plane.
We left very early Monday morning at got to Daddy's at 8 in the morning!
I played shy with him for a little bit and then by dinner time, I was very happy with him.
He was making pizza for me for dinner and we watched it cook in the oven door and then when I was tired, I put my arms up for him to pick me up. We napped together earlier in the day but I didn't even really know it.

On Tuesday, Mommy went to have a shower and then while she was gone, Daddy went to start the BBQ and I was very upset about it. Then he wouldn't let me walk outside in my barefeet in the rain.

On Wednesday he had to go to work and I looked for him all morning while Mommy was packing for us to leave that afternoon.

We might be going back next Wednesday for a couple of days and then fly back with him to Calgary on Friday for my cousin's birthday. If not, I will see him on Friday night.

Mom's note: This was a good visit. Lots of resolution, lots of talking... was good.


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