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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day to my US visitors. Our Thanksgiving was in October and we celebrated it by throwing a surprise party for Scott. He turned 40 and we turned it into an Over The Hill party. I was very enamoured with the mylar helium filled balloon.

I had a scan on my head this week to measure the size and shape for my helmet. I get my helmet in 2 weeks. Mom was very happy that it will be covered under insurance as it was $2600 and $1100 of that is covered by the Health Region, the other $1500 was up to mom.

Today I spent the evening with mom and my sister at Grandma Taffy's. I had a blast with a plastic pop bottle. 'Hoser' was teasing me with it at the dinner table and then when I got it, I played for quite awhile with it.

Mom has been doing a part time job to help supplement her money because she gets no extra help from dad and her benefits are pretty little so I've spent quite a bit of time this week at home with Scott. I have helped him tidy up around here by throwing my toys further than they were when he picked them up, shreading a catalogue and painting with my bottle.

I get my first of two flu shots in a couple of weeks and then I get the second one on my first birthday with my one year immunizations. Mom figured it was best I be miserable all at once rather than spreading it out over 2 different appointments the same week. She's looking forward to that.

I got a new car seat from Nanna and Grampa for an early Christmas present, however, it doesn't fit in mom's car rear facing. They got me a really nice Eddie Bauer convertible seat, but I guess they aren't designed for 2 door cars. Mom says she'll have to flip me over the top and tuck me in from the hatchback. I don't think so. Mom is going to get a tether bolt installed in her car next week and put me forward facing probably in mid December because I'm getting too heavy for my bucket.

(Mom: If there are any expectant families out there, I have two matching infant Evenflo seats, one used, one not (it was cheaper to buy two than to buy a second base from Evenflo) and they're pretty neutral in colour - beige with 'faded' slate blue and a light sage green check pattern with a giraffe on the back. I have them for sale for $45 for the used, $60 for the unused or $100 for the pair - they're $119 each brand new(canadian dollars). I'll ship anywhere, I accept paypal or hyperwallet and I'll ship the cheapest way I can, you cover the shipping. I can post/email a photo if anyone is interested. Send me an email: alloneword at shaw dot ca)

Friday, November 17, 2006


I had an appointment with Kelli today. I got to play with some very cool toys. She was very excited at my progress with sitting. She still wants Mom to practise the rolling more. I showed her that I could do it, I just don't like to. She also told Mom I'm not allowed in my exersaucer anymore. I love my exersaucer, however it is making me stand on my tip toes too much and then I will be walking tip toes rather than flat foot. So I'm allowed 15 mins a day max. I also have to practise sitting up from being on my side and my tummy.

I also have to practise riding mom's knee like a horse with mom only holding at my pelvis to practise my balance. Giddy up go!! I also have to practise sitting to standing on mom's lap. I do that really well already, but with help, I need to practise doing it on my own.
I go back and see her in a month.

Next Tuesday my Grampa goes in to have surgery on his heart. He hasn't been allowed to carry me around when I've visited the last few times because his heart isn't very strong and he has to have triple bypass surgery. Grampa instead lets me bang everything with the backscratcher. I like sticks so much that mom has given me a wooden spoon to bang everything with.

Mom went Christmas shopping. I've seen what I'm getting for Christmas but it doesn't mean much to me right now. She says that Santa comes too, but I've no idea who that is. Mom figures I'll just eat the wrapping paper. (mom: I'm thinking of wooden spoons in her stocking!)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Doc Band stuff

As I previously posted, I have to get a special helmet called a Doc Band. I go on the 23rd of Nov to have my head scanned for the shape and then on Dec 14 I get my helmet. I then go once a week for adjustments until early January.

I'm looking forward to it but it is kinda scary at the same time. I'm glad that I'm not in school because kids can be so mean. But at least it will hopefully fix the shape of my head.

Mom has been pretty busy lately and I got to stay home tonight with my sister. She says I was a wild animal. Blowing raspberries and then screaming at the top of my lungs and then laughing at her reaction. Now all I want to do is stand up and hold myself up on everything. No more of this sitting stuff, or exersaucer. I want to stand, now now now now. And I will have quite the temper tantrum if you make me stop standing to do something else.
Mom just can't wait for the terrible twos.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bumbo Seat

There was a news story today on my Bumbo Seat. Mom suspected it would be some sort of safety warning about not leaving your child unattended because the Bumbo claims to be the Babysitter seat and she said that someone probably left their child alone in it and they fell and got hurt. The news story was basically that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Bumbo, its the parents. The parent that leaves their baby in a Bumbo on a counter or table top or something similarly high and the baby falls out because they arch their back and get out (there are no straps to hold me in on a Bumbo). So if you use a Bumbo properly (on the floor where I can't fall far if I do get out), then there is no issue. All of the hoopla over something simple as common sense.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Mom found the USB cable, so here are some pictures!

Happy Hallowe'en!

Having a hug with Freckles and Nanna

Freckles was only after the squash on my face.

Home sweet home

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Truly Canadian eh?

When Mom was a teenager, there was two guys named Bob & Doug McKenzie on a tv show called SCTV. They put out an album called The Great White North and coined the phrases "Take off eh?" and "Ya hoser". Our neighbour, Grandma Taffy's husband Mac (mom: I'm going to teach Presleigh to call him hoser ;-)) keeps singing the coo roo coo coo coo to me and today I started laughing at him.

I've started rolling more until I get stuck. I still am not a fan of being on my tummy unless I am on someone and supporting myself on them.
Today I was standing holding onto the exersaucer without any help from mom and I was flatfoot!

I'm getting better with some foods. I really like squash so far. The cereal experiment has failed so we're going to try something different next week.

The medicine has worked and I'm feeling lots better, however mom is not. The Benalyn commercial where the woman is sick and struggling to get up and get ready for work and couldn't decide if she should go to work or not (the song playing in the commercial is "Should I stay or Should I go" by the Clash).. that was mom this morning.

Mom and I were over visiting Kaitlyn, Liz & Brian's site and watched some videos of K which were VERY cute. Mom always manges to get the video camera out too late to capture the silly moments, however, she has some pictures of me trying to eat a very large mylar balloon. She says that she promises new pictures very soon. (Mom: soon means when I can find who did what with the USB cable.. I think the same technology thiefs must be coming to my house that are at hiding out with Cole and Paige)

Friday, November 03, 2006


I'm sick. Mom's sick. I have an ear infection but I'm not too terribly miserable with it, but I'm MUCH happier now that I'm on strawberry banana medicine. I SLURP it out of the syringe. Funnily enough, Mom and I are on the same antibiotics. Mom has strep throat for the bazillionth time in her life. I didn't go to OT and PT today because we're sick. I do however, get to get a flu shot next week which I'm not looking forward to. We're going to wait til we're better first. (ed: so I can get sick again)

I'm currently upside down in my crib with every stuffed animal thrown to the other end and the blanket over my head. Mom is still awake because the coughing hurts her chest and throat but she'd like to be upside down with the blanket over her head.

This weekend if we're feeling better, we're going to go paint pottery for our lawyer to say thank you and put my handprints on the mugs we're going to make. Our lawyer is a very nice lady who likes to cuddle me when she sees me, which isn't very often but she has long hair I can pull.

I have started sitting up better and I don't roll everywhere just yet, but I do roll sometimes. Today I decided to tip over from sitting and then roll over to my sister and try and eat her homework. She thought it would be a good excuse "My sister ate my homework.", however Mom intervened.
I really like paper and cardboard and Mom is patiently waiting when I become engrossed with stickers and tape like my sister did. My sister used to take rolls of scotch tape and loop it together and stick it to everything and then pick it off. To this day, we still find half used rolls of scotch tape in the strangest of places.

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