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31 and 3... sounds like a football game, but its when I arrived in this world.

Monday, January 29, 2007

We've gone public!

Well sorta... Mom has been playing the 'stock market' with my blog. On BlogShares, you list your blog on the fantasy stock market and you are valued by those that come to BlogShares via your blog and various other methods.

She has alot to learn since she's a newbie when it comes to playing the stocks, but has spent some time learning as well as looking through
random blogs.

The game is very cool - mom has become somewhat of a junkie with respect to chip collecting/spending. She owns the majority of shares in my blog and found that her blog was already listed so she claimed it too!

It is very surprising how many people have blogs, but do nothing with them for years and don't delete them. Part of earning your value is voting for the industries that a blog should be catergorized in. And in doing so, she has reported alot of 'dead' blogs.

So, if you want to have a little fun, go play with your blog and make your children some fantasy money! My value is just shy of a billion now! Too bad it wasn't real!

Listed on BlogShares

On another note, I'm no worse for wear after yesterday's crashing. I have just a little blister/bump on my lip and I'm back to my usual self. I even let Mom put Vaseline inside my nose and it didn't bother me for her to touch it.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


If you click on the pic below with me holding the funny zebra ears, above my head is a glass jar on top of the tv. Today, I was having a temper tantrum and slamming the tv table and it fell on my face :( Thankfully I had my helmet on or it would have been worse. I have a fat lip and my nose bled a little, but overall I'm ok.

Mom panicked alot, but the nurses at the Health Link have assured her that as long as my nose isn't still bleeding and that she can't feel my nose actually move, that I'm probably ok and just to keep an eye on me for the next day or so.

Bad bad cookie jar.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

As Promised, Take two

This zebra has funny ears. The Bounce N Go Zebra is really cool, but I'm still too short. Mom put it away for my birthday.

Upside down with Nanna, one of my favourite things to do. You can just see the edge of that first tooth coming in too.

As Promised

Mickey! My new bedtime lovie.

Rachel was helping me open this present.

The *best* present ever - after opening it, I ate the wrapping paper.

I'm gonna drive to Nanna's, let's go!

Sharing my Baby Mum Mum with Rachel

This is me last week trying to stand in my crib... notice the creativity at pushing the bumper pads out of the way.

I just *love* blogger, so Mom has to create this post several times. If its ugly looking, she's sorry but this is how its staying now.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Something cool...

Mom was looking around about other babies and found a very cool link.

They will print and bind your blog!

Mom hopes she can get this all spiffed up a little with more photos and info so that its more presentable in book form before submission, but she thinks she might do this.

She also says that 1 yr ago this week was the start of things with me coming early. She was in the hospital a year ago today and wanting to go home.

My original date to be here depended on who you asked. If you asked Mom's GP, it was March 26 and if you asked Mom's High Risk OB, it was April 2nd. So we've decided that April 2nd will be the official date. Mom was aiming for anything after March 21st to avoid another Pisces in her life.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Mom: I apologize for not updating sooner, its just been a rather wild couple of weeks.

Presleigh has her second tooth now and on the mend. I however, am not.. I could sleep the sleep of the gods...

I committed to a part time job to go until at least mid March if not longer, plus I intend to apply for another one that starts in April. I've been doing some subcontract work that has started to finally pay off so all in all its coming together slowly, I'd just like another 22 hours in a day, of which I'd confiscate 20 to sleep.

I also solemnly promise to update with photos once I figure out where once again the USB cable has gone. I'm certain that the moment I use it, someone wants it for something else and takes it never to return it again. We've got so many things that have USB connections in this house, you'd think we'd have more than one cable...but alas, I think they're in storage/technology heaven.

Anyways, I'm off to try and recoup some lost hours of sleep...

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

I'm 11 months old today too! Adjusted age is just shy of 9 months.

I'm getting pretty good at rolling and sitting and sitting back up from being on my back or tummy. I'm still not all that keen on food and I nibble bits here and there but I won't eat a meal.

Last night I tried a little bit of a spring roll and I really liked it. I also had some toasted garlic bread and liked that too. Didn't want any pureed food though.

Mom is planning my birthday party and its gonna be neat. I can't wait.

I hope everyone had a nice New Year's Eve and best wishes for 2007 and hugs to my preemie friends.

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