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31 and 3... sounds like a football game, but its when I arrived in this world.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I started walking on Sunday but by yesterday, I started really walking. Sunday I only went from the couch to the tv but yesterday and today, I'm moving. I still crawl when I want to get somewhere fast, but I will go further each time I try this walking thing out.

Mom wishes I still had my helmet for all the crashes I've had so far. But I haven't managed to hurt myself badly. Today, I was on the lawn swing and decided I wanted off without help and tried to flip myself out and scared myself (and Mom!) but I was fine.

I don't like the way the grass feels on my fingers though. I cried when it touched me. Guess we'll be working on that next.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Old pics

In searching for some photos, mom found these and thought she'd share. As you can see, I ham it up for the camera.

Q is for quack

Q is for quack..which my duck does.

The rest of this post has nothing to do with Q.

I talked to my Daddy the other day for a couple of minutes. Well, he talked and I breathed heavily into the receiver.

I might be going to see him soon. He and Mom have talked and they are taking it one day at a time. He bought new tires for Mom's car too.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

P is for prayers

Tonight, our prayers are with the families and survivors of the horrific mess in Virginia. Our hearts and thoughts are with you all.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

P is for Presleigh

I think I have finally mastered this eating thing. Today for dinner at Nanna's, I ate absolutely everything that Mom had for me and then I ate some of hers and I had seconds. We had ham, creamed corn, peas and carrots, scalloped potatoes and Nanna made a delicious dessert with yoghurt, cream cheese and vanilla pudding and had strawberries on top. All of the things she used were low fat which means that the lactose was pretty low. I ate about 12 cubes of ham, 5 slices of potato, about 1/2 cup of creamed corn, a few peas and only a couple bites of carrot and about a cup of dessert. My belly was sticking out when I got out of the high chair which made Nanna and Mom laugh.

I now sit forward facing in Mom's new car in my big girl carseat. I am weighing just over 25lbs and I am in need of a haircut now that my helmet is gone. Mom is going to take me at the end of the month as she needs a haircut too. I am not walking yet, but I cruise the furniture and I take the "leap of faith" into people's arms from furniture, but Nanna figures within a couple of weeks, I'll be off n running. Mom says she'd like to wait just a bit longer.

P is for Puppies. Nanna has two puppies. They are Labradoodles and their names are Coal and Lucy. Lucy got her name because she is a mischief maker. Nanna says she would likely be the one to pull the football out from Coal (Charlie Brown). Lucy also would have made a good mother. She followed me everywhere and licked me constantly and made sure I was safe. When I cried, she got very upset and agitated. Coal just wanted to lick me.

P is for purple. The Easter Bunny brought me a purple bunny and he is very very soft.

P is for pink. Mom is getting her hair streaked pink again. She says it is fun.

P is for peace. Mom says she said it before, and she will say it once more. Our lives are very peaceful these days. We are busy and happy and there are people in our lives that love us and we love them and forward is a very good step. There is no anger or resentment and we laugh and giggle every day.

Friday, April 06, 2007

O is for...

..O pel. This car manufacturer is the designer of Mom's new car. Its all very European, which Mom says makes her car snazzy. The gas tank being on the passenger side is apparently very E uro, however Mom says its annoying to remember.

I now sit facing forward in my big girl seat and I like it. Mom's new car has the L.A.T.C. H. system so I am anchored down so much that not even the wiggle has wiggle room. Mom says it was like trying to strangle an elephant to get it locked in tight.

O is for Oranges. I really like mandar in oranges.

O is for odd spelling. Mom says she'd like to clarify that if words are either mispelt or spaced oddly, it is because she doesn't want the blog to appear on G oog le's search for every weird thing
under the sun.

O is for outtings. Because Bessie has been giving Mom grief, we haven't been going out much lately but now that she has Sadie, she says we'll be going out lots now and even going on a road trip to see my friend Cade.

O is for overnight... which is how long I sleep. I go to bed now by 10 and I sleep 12 hours. Mom is working me backwards by about 10-15 minutes every night so that soon it will be 8-8 because of Mom's work schedule. Mom has to go back to work in exactly 2 months and she isn't looking forward to it.

Happy Easter everybody!

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