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31 and 3... sounds like a football game, but its when I arrived in this world.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Mom here...

Recently there have been visits to the blog by Presleigh's father and he has been leaving unnecessary comments in her guestbook which I have deleted as necessary.

I will not turn this into your forum to air your grievances, if you refuse to leave an email address or refuse to return phone calls or even make a phone call, then please take your anger and bitterness away from your daughter's blog.

I am not going to remove her blog as we will not be driven away by your behaviour. However, I will make it impossible for you to continue to leave comments anywhere here if this behaviour continues. This is NOT about you, about me, about us... it is about Presleigh. Remember that.

I am completely at peace with our life. We are doing quite ok and we do not need the negativity that you are bringing here and if you wish to discuss this like a rational adult, then please let us do so away from her space.
My email address is on the sidebar if you wish to use it.

Update on Bessie

Mom has changed the spark plugs and the PVC valve today and Bessie seems to sound better but it didn't get rid of the check engine light. So she will take Bessie in on Monday morning and see what's up with her.

Go blogger

If there were multiple posts and alot of html code and things that just were rather unpleasant for you to see, Mom says she is sorry. Blogger appears to have taken M e t h a d o n e.
Mom's car is sick so she is getting a new one next week unless Bessie can be fixed for less than $500, cause Bessie isn't worth putting more than $500 into her. Bessie had her regular oil change last week and the check engine light came on exactly a week later and she's down a litre of oil but she isn't burning oil. Mom didn't see any leaks under the car on the snow so she suspected something jarred loose on Pothole Pass (aka any Calgary road). She took it back to the garage and they can't find any reason so they are going to do an estimate on Monday.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Baby Amillia

Baby Amillia is finally going home. I've only just heard of her story in recent days, but I have prayed for her every day since I heard.... she was just shy of 22 weeks gestation and weighed a tiny 10 oz and was under 10 inches in length. She will have her challenges, but she's healthy and going home!

Here is some of her story....

I will think of you Amillia.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rice milk

Since rice milk doesn't have much protein, fats or any of the really good stuff that homo milk does, the advice has been that it needs to be fortified with something (or mom needs to get Lactaid and add it to homo milk which she finds a pain in the butt), so now I get 2 oz of ensure with 6 oz of rice milk for my bottles and she is still trying to feed me meals 3 times a day. I don't like oatmeal, I don't like rice cereal, wheat cereal or any other goop. I'm not crazy about scrambled eggs (we haven't tried a soft boiled egg yet tho), but I do like toast and peanut butter. I have soup usually for lunch with toast or crackers and for dinner I have some of whatever everyone else is having except meat. I will not eat meat of any kind. I spit it out or if I see if on the spoon I will just push it away. I want no part of it.

So mom has been trying to overcome the challenge of getting proteins into me and trying to make sure I'm getting enough calories because I can't subsist on rice milk and Ensure as much as I want to. Mom was able to find lactose free high protein ensure at Shopper's and the pharmacist there thinks that will help with the calories and protein until we can get more food into me.
Its not that I'm not growing, I am growing leaps and bounds. I am now wearing 18 months size for my shirts and 12 months size for my pants and I have big feet!

On another note... 3 more weeks of my helmet and we're gonna be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Mom says my head looks perfect now! She can't wait to get rid of that smelly yechy thing.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Updates Updates!

I got spoilt rotten on my birthday! I got my first baby doll and she was a hit! She sings Patty Cakes to me and it makes me giggle. I also got clothes and toys and a very cool cake. Mom made me a teddy bear cake with electric pink icing. (mom: think the colour of this blog template!)

Another update too, we have transitioned from Enfamil Lactose Free to rice milk. I really like it and so far my tummy hasn't been upset. It has only been two days, but we'll see how it goes.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Princess...

It has been a very short year. It seems like only yesterday that things took such a dramatic turn.

When Nanna met Mommy at the hospital on Feb 1 at 1pm, I was scared and so was Nanna. You were so tiny and I was scared you were going to have so much trouble when you got here.

When they took you off to the NICU with Nanna, as I lay on the table while the doctors fixed me up, I let the tears roll down my cheek with joy and worry.

But I don't have much to worry about now. Sure, we have our obstacles and our challenges. However, you've overcome them with just the slightest bit of help. Kelli showed you how to climb stairs to lift your tummy last week, so on the 24th of January, you lifted your belly up, propped up your knees and took off. Your exceptional amount of drool started early, but you took your sweet time about getting a tooth. And then another and yet another on its way. Claire showed you how to hold your spoon so you had some control over what you ate and how much... now you are doing so much better as long as you have texture. The smooth stuff is still pretty gross in your opinion and you're still not keen on meat.

We're healthy now. Thankfully. And soon, it won't be long until you've caught up with everyone else too.

My little smarty-pants. You've figured out how to pull yourself up to your feet without any help, and you've started maneouvering around the tables (and people and couches and toys and the piano and and and), and you've managed to figure out how to get attention by flinging your lovies out of the crib and them crashing into the monitor and sending a flurry of people to see what happened. You talk and you argue and you laugh and you sing... none of which makes sense yet, but it is still a melody to me.

You're one today and I thank my stars every day of the miracle and the blessing that you are. I have so many wishes for you and I know you'll be whatever you want to be.

Love Mommy

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