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Friday, June 15, 2007


Well, mom has officially gone back to work...I won't sleep at Nanna's, and now I'm sick with an ear infection.

Mom is having trouble with the whole going back to work thing... but we're getting there.

I go for a walk every day with Nanna and the puppies. They go to an off leash area and run like the wind and then I screech and clap my hands and they come running back.

Mommy's birthday is on Monday and we have three parties in 3 days! One for a friend moving away, one for Father's Day and one for Mommy's birthday. Mommy is going to see Mamma Mia with Nanna on Tuesday.

We go on vacation in 2 weeks. Mommy thinks its funny to go back to work for a month and then go on 2 weeks vacation. We're going to Ontario to Auntie Lori's cottage on a lake.
We can't wait!


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